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You Look Like a Prodigy with Those Glasses

Title: You Look Like a Prodigy with Those Glasses
Character: Siwon, Kyuhyun, Kibum mentioned
Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun
Rating: NC-17
Words: +/- 1500 words
Genre: General, a bit of humor, a bit of romance, fail!smut
Disclaimer: Not me, lucky SME.
Summary: The sexy teacher Choi Siwon called Kyuhyun to staff room after school.
Warning: FailSmut, language, bad grammar (my beta-reader is busy nowadays), AU
Note: For 100 SJFic Challenge
Theme: 097 . Glasses

Meet Choi Siwon. The man was a four-eyed handsome, athletic, rich, good, religious--to put it simply, he's a perfect man. His perfect feature worked together with his pheromone, hypnotizing the entire humanity. His hair was perfectly combed with little spike on the front. Don't underestimate his fashion sense since he wore the sexiest wardrobe ever: tight long-sleeved suit with also tight black pants together with black loafers.

Really a too-sexy suit for a young English teacher, making the genius-but-delinquent Cho Kyuhyun even froze in front of the staff room which Siwon was in.

"Oh, Kyuhyun," Siwon called eventually, brought the younger out from his daydreaming. "Good evening."

Kyuhyun scratched his non itchy head, eyes looking at everything except Siwon. He then noticed that the staff room was empty, like totally empty with no people there, and the only ones there were himself and the too-sexy Siwon. Imagine how awkward it would be, even the red sun peeped at their encounter between the curtain-less windows.

Siwon took a look at the uncommon big red sun, laughing a little. "Look, the sky is red. It's already this late; I'm surprised you're not going home yet."

"Yeah, well," Kyuhyun answered, "You're the one who asks me to come."

Siwon smirked. He spun his chair so he's facing Kyuhyun completely, "I never knew that you'd come."

"Absolutely," The first year student walked slowly to Siwon's desk. "If only you didn't take my PSP before. Now, since I'm here, would you mind give me back my PSP, dear teacher?"

Little did Kyuhyun know that Siwon made a sly smirk while Kyuhyun approaching his table.

"Do you think I call you here to give your PSP back even though you have ignored my lesson for two hours straight completed with a half an hour of extra lesson?"

Kyuhyun gulped. Since when did the good-Siwon become this creepy? Yeah, who cares? The only thing that Kyuhyun cared was his pretty little PSP which he almost believed was inside the teacher's locker.

"Tell me, Kyuhyun, don't you have a pretty good marks from every subject? Do you still want to act like a delinquent?"

"Because I am a delinquent, Sir," Kyuhyun responded without taking a look at the teacher's stabbing stare. You know, even the cool Cho Kyuhyun could be hypnotized by those eyes. "My mark is average too, if you compare it to the genius Kim Kibum's from class A."

By this time Kyuhyun already grabbed Siwon's locker to pull it, but unfortunately the man fought back, even holding Kyuhyun's hand there, making the later raised his eyebrow in confusion. Eventually the younger sighed, "Sir, I have no time for your speech. You should call Kibum to accompany you, not me--"

And Kyuhyun stopped his sentence when Siwon took off his glasses by one hand, only to put it on Kyuhyun's eyes.

Then Kyuhyun noticed that the teacher was actually a fashion enthusiast, a player only since the glasses didn't make him dizzy. It's.a.glasses.toy.

"Don't take it off," Siwon said right when Kyuhyun almost reached the glasses to take it off, "You look like a real prodigy with those glasses."

Siwon smirked—Kyuhyun's eyes widened. He felt the time passed so quickly when his body's being slammed onto Siwon's desk.


It was no use--he has screamed as hard as his voice could, trying to search for help, even punched the attacker with his smaller fist--but Siwon wouldn't stop. Kyuhyun writhed, his back arched, once more dropped the pile of paper to the floor. Still, his attempt was a futile. Siwon immersed his face to Kyuhyun's neck as if Kyuhyun's struggle wasn't even there.

The prodigy felt even more desperate when excitement covered himself.

"Give it in, Kyu," Siwon opened his mouth while nibbled at Kyuhyun's neck occasionally. "You know you want this..."

Kyuhyun breathed hard. He wanted to confirm it--yeah, who doesn't want when it's the perfect Siwon doing it to him? Yet, is he suitable for this? Is this the right time? Is this the right accident?

"... No, Choi Siwon," He tried to speak while resisting the feeling of hurt on his neck, and also chest since Siwon has already opened his button one by one and sniffing his tender chest by now, "Stop this..."

"I won't," Siwon responded while sucking at one of Kyuhyun's nipple, making the later groan for the vibration. "You're cute with glasses, Kyuhyun. You're a real prodigy with those."

"If you have a thing for glasses, pounce Kibum instead, not me."

"Hehe. Jealous, aren't you?" Siwon reached Kyuhyun's lips with his own, making a passionate wet kiss with lots of stimulating sounds. One hand pinched Kyuhyun's nipple hard, "You're cute, Kyuhyun. Pretty cute."

Kyuhyun cursed himself for being hard just because of the sentence and Siwon's low-pitch voice. Noticing a slight change in his student's body, Siwon used the chance to take Kyuhyun's pants off. Weirdly the later didn't protest, blushing instead.

"Look, you want this," Siwon chuckled while throwing the pants out of the way, now grabbed the corner of Kyuhyun's boxer.

"Really, Sir," Kyuhyun sighed, "Who doesn't want to do it with a man as sexy as you?"

Taken aback, Siwon stared at Kyuhyun in the eyes. As much as he didn't like it, there's a spark of delinquency in the younger's eyes, even completed with Kyuhyun's smirk.

"I don't need foreplay, dear teacher, put it in me now," He moaned, hands allover Siwon's face, stroking it.

This time, it's Siwon who gulped.

"I never knew," He said with hasty voice while taking off his own pants and brief, showing his giant thing down there (it almost made Kyuhyun agape, you know?) "That a delinquent four-eyed could be this hot as well..."

Seriously, what's with the 'four-eyed' thing, Kyuhyun snorted. Yet his mind went blank for a second when Siwon reached a hair gel from his drawer, covered his fingers in it and finally put his slick fingers inside Kyuhyun's hole. Kyuhyun's eyes widened immediately.

"WHAT THE FUCK!! What the fuck are you doing with the gel!!? Have you no brain!? It's not slick at all, moron!!" He practically screamed, struggling once more from Siwon's embrace.

"Language, Kyuhyun," Siwon snapped, still kept Kyuhyun in place while making the infamous scissoring motion with his fingers, took a note to himself that it sure was hard to use hair gel as a lube. "Yeah, it's not wet at all... At least it's oily."

"Think about ME! Do you think I could have your big meat inside me while there's no lube!?"

"This gel is your lube!"

"It's not! It's like you're fucking me raw! Sir, you sure have weird taste! After glasses, now this!--motherfuckin--"
Kyuhyun thought he's arrived at hell when Siwon's big cock went inside him in one thrust, crashing the jelly's dominance in his hole with one motion. "It huuuuurts!!"

Siwon didn't respect Kyuhyun's scream, his hands lifted the younger's stiff legs and put them above his shoulder. He grabbed Kyuhyun's waist and moving inside the younger, thrust in and out, moving quickly like crazy. Even Kyuhyun cried for his sudden movement.

"Siwon! No--slowly--"

"How about calling me by 'sir'?"

"Alright, Sir," Kyuhyun moaned when his cock was being rubbed, "Please be gentle, Sir! Slower, Sir!"
Siwon moaned, took his cock out for a while only to thrust inside Kyuhyun suddenly, making the younger voiced more rude languages once again.

"Good... Kyuhyun," Siwon said between his moans, "A prodigy with glasses lay beneath me, saying some dirty language... My dream really has come true."

Kyuhyun really wanted to give his teacher some lesson, like punch him in the head or kick his face for example--yet Siwon's thrusts became more and more fast until Kyuhyun closed his eyes, feeling Siwon's attack on his prostate instead. Kyuhyun has to agree that his teacher wasn't only sexy but a sex god as well, he thrust with good rhythym, sometimes suddenly took his cock out, put it in once more so damn slowly it even made Kyuhyun groaned, and vice versa. Not to mention that every thrust Siwon made almost always stabbed Kyuhyun's bundle of nerve.

"Aaaahh, Siwon, I'm coming--" Kyuhyun moaned harder when Siwon rubbed his cock faster.

Siwon still thrusted, harder now, "Call me 'Sir'..."

"I'm, I'm coming, Sir!"

Siwon grinned; rubbed Kyuhyun's cock rhythmically with his thrust, letting the boy's cum to squirt in his hand. Not long after Kyuhyun spilled his seed and tightening his hole, Siwon also came right inside his student's body.

The moon replaced the sun, dark sky replaced the red, while Siwon towering himself over Kyuhyun's wet body.

Still breathed hard, Kyuhyun took off his glasses which were already dirty, full of his seed before. Kyuhyun only sighed while Siwon took back the dirty glasses. Out of nowhere, the English teacher licked the liquid there.

"You're cute with glasses," He said with a smirk. "Let's continue this at my home."
Tags: c: kyuhyun, c: siwon, f: super junior, g: au, g: humor, g: smut
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