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Super Junior: Discipline

Title: Discipline
Pairing: Siwon/Eeteuk
Rating: R
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer: Not me, lucky SME.
Summary: Siwon has a strong hand and Eeteuk's broken one of their rules.
Warning: Spanking, character abuse, discipline, also warning for my bad grammar
Note: for sujukink, the original prompt is here. (Yes I use it as summary... forgive my lac of summary)

Eeteuk seemed to has trouble breathing when his back collided to the brick wall. Before him was Siwon, hovering the leader's body with his own bigger figure, eyes fixed straight to the other's eyes.

"I thought I've told you not to sleep on the other's bed anymore?"

Leeteuk gulped because of the younger's question. No, it was not a question at all--and no, Leeteuk didn't do anything close to romance when he accompanied Donghae to sleep, which was the cause of all of this.

As a leader, Leeteuk noted that he should be brave, so he decided to open his mouth. "I just accompany Donghae to sleep."

Leeteuk seemed to has another trouble breathing when his body was being thrown by Siwon onto a messy bed, the older's back was facing Siwon. Leeteuk caught his breath when Siwon's hands crept between the bed and his body, slipping until it reached Leeteuk's vital part. The younger fought with his jeans' zipper and pulled it under until the pants were pooled on Leeteuk's knees. Soon, Siwon's free hands lifted Leeteuk's hips above as high as he could. Leeteuk mewled but nothing could be done--even everyone knew his small body won't be able to fight Siwon's muscular built, not to mention that Leeteuk has to let him to do anything--that's the basic main rule of their relationship.

"You seem to already forget the rule, huh? Bad boy," Siwon's strong hands parted Leeteuk's cheeks apart, making the latter groaned in slight pain and shame. "I'll make sure you'll get the most bitter punishment this time so you won't disappoint me anymore."

A relief was felt by Leeteuk when Siwon's hands released his buttocks, yet it only gave him major surprise when a hard hand appeared on his cheeks, slapping him hard. The leader cried in shock, cried hardly until his throat hurt, yet it only urged Siwon to spank him harder, to warn how bitter the punishment was and also a threat for not to repeat it again. First spank, second spank, and finally it was the third one which made Leeteuk felt hurt and heat on his butt. He felt his legs trembling, and when Siwon grabbed his globe only to give it a slight pinch before brought one more hard and loud-sounded slap, the trembling knees finally gave up, they stiffed so much on the bed.

"Stop it," Leteuk pleaded with sobs, "Please, Siwon... It hurts..."

"I know it," Siwon stared at his leader's watery eyes, smirking. The hands caressed Leeteuk's bare butt, "Because they're so red."


"No," Siwon gave him a spank, now rapidly, which only made Leeteuk moaned in pain. "You have nice and soft butt, you know that? It's vulnerable and smooth, clean, almost flawless... Like a girl's."

Siwon's words were barely heard by Leeteuk since the victim was on his limit at this point. He almost fainted when Siwon spanked him once more, only the pain brought him back to reality.

"You shouldn't sleep when I’m giving you a punishment," Siwon hovered his body, whispering every word right beside Leeteuk's ears while his hands were busy spreading the smaller man's cheeks. "Tell me that you regret it."

"I," Leeteuk managed to open his mouth when Siwon gave him one more slap on his cheeks, "I'm sorry. I... I regret it."

Siwon grinned, caressing Leeteuk's reddened cheeks before slapped it again. "Say what your fault is."

Leeteuk wasn't the one to be blamed, of course, but the man knew better than to against Siwon's punishment. Even though his voice was husky because of the screams he made, he still managed to answer. "I, I sleep with someone else--" He stuttered when Siwon's big hand slapped him, as if told him to continue. "I'm a bad boy. I, I deserved to be punished. I feel guilty, I won't do that again. I--I promise I won't go near anyone else except Choi Siwon!"

Siwon grinned, more than happy to find the used-to-be strong leader said something weak. He fondled the globe, "So what will happen if you do not keep your own promise?"

"I.. I will be received a bitter punishment than this..!" Again, it's not what Leeteuk like--it's the basic of their rule. Choi Siwon's discipline towards Leeteuk.

Siwon finally released him, making his hips instantly fell down of major unbalance and trembling legs. The oldest was sobbing, he could not endure anymore pain as he felt the pain on his butt increased, and when he thought of it the tears was immediately falling down.

He could not bear with it anymore.

Siwon grinned behind him, gently covering the leader's lower naked body with blanket. "Keep your promise, Angel."
Tags: c: leeteuk, c: siwon, f: super junior, g: angst, p: siwon/leeteuk, r: r
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