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Super Junior: Another Cat

Title: Another Cat
Pairing: Heechul/Donghae
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluff, humor, smut
Disclaimer: Not me, lucky SME.
Summary: In which Heechul loves cats, Donghae makes a mess, and roleplaying is the best idea--at least for Donghae.
Warning: Smut, roleplaying, also warning for my bad grammar
Note: This fic is from Heechul's POV. It's based on an old news about how Heechul always made Donghae cry, and another follow-through news that Heechul allowed Donghae to follow him everywhere because Donghae is cute. They sound like fluff stories but my dirty mind can't help but to think there's something behind it.
A/N: It's already so late here, I'm sorry if there are too many grammar/spelling mistake (or even language mistake lol). I will correct them asap when I wake up tomorrow

His cuteness is exaggerated that I often find him annoying.

I clearly remember two days ago when I was angry with him for feeding Heebum a Beijing's fried rice ("I want to help you to take care of Heebum", he said, as he added a "and I think Beijing fried rice will turn Heebum back into his normal form! I know he is an alien in a form of cat!"), but now here I am, standing in front of my opened bedroom's door, with his figure stands before me.

"Hyung," He says weakly, his grip is tightened at the bolster that he brings along, legs slowly make their way into my room. "I can't sleep. Teukie-hyung is still not return yet..."

I groan; doesn't he know his knock on my door before was so loud he even disturbs my beauty sleep!? "And?" I ask in annoyance.

"I want to sleep with you," He smiles his typical smile as he let his body fall on my bed.

"Stand up," I grab his pajama's collar to make him stand. I can look the startled expression on his face, trying to keep himself on the bed while clutching his fish bolster. Unfortunately though, seeing him being as stubborn as this makes me angry even more. "Stand up, Donghae! This is not your room. And I don't like the way you make yourself at home here while me, the original occupant of this room, do not even agree for you to sleep here!"

His eyebrows are raised in confusion, and being his hyung for more than five years has made me able to endure his perfect puppy face. "But why? I'm alone in my room, I'm so afraid."

"You're not even a child anymore!" Seriously, he's twenty-four, but he acts like five! "Just go! I'm sleepy here; you can always sleep at the living room like you always did when we're still trainees!"

After one more attempt, he seems to give up and let me push him to the floor. I jump onto my beloved bed and cover my body with blanket, open my mouth to speak to him for the last time, "Go now. Don't forget to close the door properly. I'm trying to sleep here."

I can hear him snort--or is that a sob?--before he says another sentence, his voice husky and broken. "Why are you being so mean to me...?"

This time, it's I who snort. "Sorry before, I won't fall for your pout like the other hyungs do. You have to be at least a cat to make me not mad at you." Huh. Cats, yeah, if I can manage my own love rate level, cats would be at ten from ten and Donghae would be at two.

"Hyung..." Now his sob sounds so clear, I nearly want to shout to tell him that I'm sick of his outrageous cuteness until he walks by himself to the door. He lets out one more sentence right before closing the door, "... I hate to be alone."

And the door is closed, properly.


So, I hear our somewhat bad relationship has spread quickly among the fans. And when I say 'our', it's 'me and Donghae'--a rare and weird pair. To be honest, I don't think our relationship is that bad--I just happen to be born as a meany and he as a spoiled brat, we will never get along. Well we get along easily actually, yet it depends on which mood we're in.

Unfortunately, Donghae is being too emo recently and so he spoils everything about our latest quarrel. And as for me too, I'm executed by Leeteuk for making his 'baby' cry and throwing a scandal to our group's dignity.

And today is just an ordinary day, if Donghae doesn't knock on my bedroom door to disturb me from my sleep (again), but this time he uses his best puppy face to me, completed by tears gather in the corner of his eyes. And he wears nothing.

Wait a minute—what the hell!?

I rub my sleepy eyes to stare at him clearer--oh, Donghae still wears a suit, a cat suit--wait that's not the problem here!!

"What the hell!?" I manage to open my mouth to shout at him, pull him to my room before the other members come and find out our weird meeting and they would consider me as a fetishist pedo.

He falls to the floor and sits down there, sobbing slowly. His eyes fix straight to the floor, not even a single word come from him.

It's hard for me to even not look at his naked body--wait, he's not naked, Kim Heechul!! He just wears what looks like black cat's ears on his head, black cat's gloves on both of his hands and feet, black cat's tail on his bottom and red cat's bell necklace attaches to his neck. He completely look like a crazy cosplayer, or a turned-into-human cat in this matter. Unfortunately though, Donghae still wear brief while real cats won't wear any of that fabric.

Wait, what I am thinking!? "What the hell are you wearing!?" I shout to him.

Donghae still sob, louder this time. His eyes are rubbed by one of his own covered-hand, trying to erase the tears which eventually is flowing down. His other hand remains located on the floor. "I," He stutters, "Hyung, this... I wear cat suit."

I know it, is he some kind of moron? "Of course I know. But why?"

"I," He shifts to the side, still sitting down and I can't help but to stare at the way he sways his hip (who doesn't when there's a guy wears something that barely covers his ass in front of you?) "You like cats, don't you, hyung?"

I don't answer, just stare at him, confused. Does he mean...?

He sobs more, now both of his hands are on his face. "I want hyung--I want hyung to notice me..."

"I've already noticed you," I say, trying hard to sound mean even though my heart is beating crazily inside. I’m curious of what Donghae will say... And at one point, I hope he will say the thing which I want him to say.

"Not that kind of attitude, hyung," He answers, the voice barely a whisper now. His sobbing and husky voice make it hard for me to hear what he says, but somehow I manage to get what he says next, "I... I love you hyung."

There. He says it.

Wait a minute. He what!?

This time, I can feel my heart is going to explode. He said it. He really said it. Donghae really said what I think he will say! Hey, I know this would happen, but isn't this just--how can you reject when there's a guy wearing a cat suit confesses to you!? He cheats!!

Err, wait. Cat suit? The suit is indeed made Donghae looks like a crazy, but does he wear it for--for me--Because I love cat more than anything?

At this rate, I'm too absorbed into my own mind I do not even notice him waiting for my answer. He sighs and finally shifts, now he's squatting down, tilts his head upward to look at me in the eyes. "If, if you don't like me... I can act like a cat too, hyung..."

What? What does he say?

He gulps before trying to smile to me with his watery eyes, and finally lets out a "Meow!"

I feel like about to pass out for his random randomness.

Luckily, he acts like a real cat--all cute and lovely and huggable and oh those are so covering his cat-less voice. I almost can't resist the urge to hug him, to pinch his cheeks or to caress his skin like I always do to all my cats, yet I am luckily sane enough to notice that he's a human, only in cat suit. Yet, my heart can't lie; I really am attracted to him.

I walk closer to him, bent down so our eyes meet each other. "Donghae. You do all of this--from wear a cat suit in the middle of cold night to act like a cat--you do all of this for me?"

He nods.


"Because I love you," He responds without tensed at all, "But you love cats more than me."

"You really do?"

He nods again.

Honestly I don't know how to react. He loves me, he really loves me. I just realize that he really loves me. And so that makes a good reason of why he feeds Heebum with Beijing fried-rice last time--it's because he didn't want to see me busy for feeding Heebum alone--oh screw that 'Heebum is an alien in a cat form', maybe it's just his slight way to describe what love is.

And me, the used to be awesome me, have snapped him until he cried--twice. I made him cry despite his love for me. No, it can't be! I accept everyone who loves me, I will love them back and convincing them that they're not wrong to choose me as the one they love, but I just break Donghae's heart. Even so, he still loves me, even he does crazy thing like this for me.

He's a strong boy, and I have to make it up for him.

"Okay," I say, messing my hair. "Okay, Donghae. I think I... Love you too?"

He blinks. Either do I. "What's with the interrogative mark, hyung? Am I, am I not good enough for you?" He does that puppy face again, and I'm proud of myself to be able to resist his facial expression plus that suit.

"Just... I'm not sure," I pull his hand and push him onto my bed (weirdly he's not that heavy despite his hot muscles). He blinks rapidly in a confused manner.

"Get on all four."

I can't believe I actually say it, but it's scarier when he does what I say. He gets on his knees; his puppy face is facing toward me. Both of his elbows rest on the bed--he poses exactly looks like a cat who wants to catch a mouse, only without the rising tail.

Oh, right, the tail. Does it affect him too?

I don't know what's going on in me, am I going crazy or Donghae is just too cute as a cat--I pull his tail upward all of a sudden. He suddenly screams, making me let go of the tail.

He then looks at me, surprised, tears falling down. "What--what is that, hyung...?"

"What is what!?" I reply. How should I know!?

When he sobs because of the possible pain, I walk to his behind and--I'M RIGHT, right, his boxer is barely covering his ass. There's a little hole in the boxer which clearly showing Donghae's butthole in it, and the tail is attached right above the pulsed hole.

It is so weird to see one of your members' hole right in front of your eyes, yet his hole is really pretty, stimulating, and least--he is Donghae. My heart is beating hard and my vital region has woken by the time I remember that Donghae does all of this for me.

I grab his tail one more time--it's fluffy and fragile just like Heebum's--and I can feel he tensed before me, which only turn me on more. "Hey, this suit is good isn't it?" I say as I caress the tail, "It sticks to your behind like it's a real tail. It even gives you pain if I pull it, right?"

"Aaah," He moans suddenly, making me gulp. "Y, yes it is... Stop pulling it, hyung! I feel so--so weird..."

I lick my bottom lips, peeking to his front and smirk when I see him also excited, just like a real cat will do when its tail is being pulled.

"Donghae-ah," I walk to the front of his again, playing with his bell necklace. "You're my cat now."

He looks at me, confused, a pair of eyes still filled with both excitement and confusion.

"Here, come to my lap," I sit down on the bed, in front of his face. I pat my thigh in order to make him come to me. He blinks for awhile but finally does what I told him to. He lies down; put his head on my lap. And the second after, my hand finds itself to unzip my pants, freeing my hardened cock in front of Donghae's face.

He looks startled, trying to move, but I just poke the tip of his nose with my cock. Damn, it feels so good, even when it's just his nose.

"Hyung...?" He asks me, a little uneasy.

"Suck it," I order him (what the fuck am I talking about just now? Apparently it just comes out by itself since I watch porn too much)

He looks as in disbelief, but luckily he doesn't complain, he just bring one of his hands to my cock and guide it to his mouth and sucks it.

He sucks it. Oh. Oh, he sucks it. He sucks it!!

My excitement rushes down to my cock, making it tenser and Donghae looks like a fish trying to get some air because of the sudden stimulation. His sucking technique is like an amateur, but when it's love you don't need any professionalism. Yes, love. I think Donghae's feeling has poisoned me.

I moan when his tongue licks my tip, slowly at first but getting faster by the second. My cock is getting wetter because of the leaking pre-cum. In the corner of my half-closed eyes, I can see his cat's ears bobbing down along with his head's movement, and I pull one of them.

Donghae cries in pain again, releasing my cock from his mouth. I chuckle; Donghae really is good on his role as a cat. "Sorry, you are so cute with this suit... You should use it another time," I whisper to him.

He turns his head to me, his eyes describe how much in heat he is right now. "Hyung... Do cats love sucking cock?"

I am surprised for a moment, trying my best to convince him. "Of course."

I'm afraid he doesn't believe me, but he just smiles. "Oh. No wonder they like it. Your cock is delicious, hyung!"

My cock, delicious, it is said by Donghae--I can feel my cock is throbbing again. He really is good at seducing with his sweet mouth, I hardened by a second I hear he compliments me. "Donghae, gets on all four, now."

"Again?" He tilts his head.

"Yeah," I shift to give him a room to move, "But this time I want your ass toward me."

His eyes widen, but fulfills it (Donghae is always being an obedient boy when it comes to order). He bent with his face towards the wall, ass raises high to my face. I gulp, pulling the tail and squeeze it. I take the chance to slide Donghae's boxer down when the boy cries in pain. He doesn't seem to mind though, so I pull his boxer more until it's pooled on his folded knees. He mewls just like a cat in heat, making me think for a moment whether he's just roleplaying as a cat or trying to seduce me.

"Hyung," He finally opens his mouth, head slightly turns to behind as to look at me in the eyes (but it actually just making me hardened even more), "I feel so hot... I don't get it."

I chuckle, giving him a warm breath right in front of his hole. "You're in heat, kitty."

He lets out a confused 'umm' when I said 'kitty'. Yet he just nods, dumbfounded. "I see."

Ugh, idiot—but his idiocy turns me on more. I bring my tongue to his crack, licking it slowly until it tickles. He gasps and tightens his grips on the bed; the bell necklace is ringing as he shifts on his position because of my stimulation. Yeah, the ring is like a mark to rate how good I am to stimulate him--the more it rings mean the more Donghae shifts and so it means the more the boy's excited.

(I think I should give one for Heebum too.)

I don't waste my time (remember that he knocked on my door when I was still sleeping?) as I grab a lotion from my nightstand, pouring it to Donghae's puckered hole (he mewls and moan again) and use some to lubricate my hard cock. I can see his breath quickens, afraid to see what I'll do to him. I just bend, towering his body and kiss his ears--his fluffy cat ears.

He mutters something to me about how hot he feels right now, the words come out with stutter. Unfortunately my ears can't hear them clearly because of the heat in me. I make a slight tug on one of his cat ears, making his head dragged backward slightly. I am still towering him when my hand grab my own slick cock to tease the outside of his hole, moving it to right and left--wherever I like as long as it's not inside Donghae.

He cries in shock, "Ah! Hyung... Please, stop teasing me!"

I let go my mischievous smirk, "No 'hyung', Donghae. You're a cat now."

He gulps again, closing his eyes. "P-please... Meow…"

"That's good," I grab his hips, buck his ass backward just in time I thrust forward, my wet cock slips inside his hole in one motion just like charm. He cries out, yet another mischievous idea temp my mind, "Cats don't cry like that, Donghae."

He sobs one more time, clearing his throat until finally he cries back when I thrust into him harder--now voices a 'meow' rapidly. Damn, how cute he is right now, I think my cock is instantly enlarge because of the desire if that's even biologically possible. I thrust harder, grabs his hips until it bruised, and he cries in both pain and pleasure--he cries a meow, more meow, and so many meows. His cries getting louder and transform into moans when I changed the angle, brushing his bundle of nerves with my assailing cock. I can hear he moans louder, breathes hard, until finally he comes with a long moan. I am so shocked for feeling my cock is squeezed tight by his tightened wall and coming right inside him when I feel the pleasure on my lower stomach.

I fall forward, towering Donghae's weak body. We're lying like that for a while, trying to catch our breaths after the somewhat kinky activities. He gets up first, moving his body slightly to cover both of our body with the blanket. He then nuzzles on my chest, yawning.

I open my eyes, staring at his cat ears. My hand then reaches his back to caress him. It's like, the best sex I've ever had. Kinky sex has never been this fluffy.

"Thanks," I whisper to him. "Thank you Donghae. I love you."

I can feel he smiles in my chest, "Umm. Of course hyung, I love you too... I love Leeteuk-hyung and Eunhyukkie too... I love everyone!"

The room is silent. My tongue freezes.

Yes, Donghae is innocent--I think I've made a mistake for believing in him to love me as in adultery desire.
Tags: c: donghae, c: heechul, f: super junior, g: fluff, g: humor, g: smut, p: heechul/donghae, r: nc-17
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