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Super Junior: I Have the Ability to Top!


 Title: I Have the Ability to Top!
Pairing: Kangin/Leeteuk, Sungmin/Leeteuk, Heechul/Leeteuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Humor/Crack? (seriously, I don't know what's the difference... poor me)
Disclaimer: Not me, lucky SME.
Summary: Leeteuk wanted to top, but Kangin doubted his ability.
Warning: Slightly graphic smut, language, bad grammar
Note: Based on my friend's words; Teukie is an absolute bottom who can topping neither Sungmin nor Heechul. (If you somehow have an LJ and read this one, message me, Yade!^^)



"I'm top."


"No, I'm top."


"Shut up, I should top."


"Like hell I'd let you top."


The leader finally snorted. "Kangin. I'm the older one here."


"So you can use your position to manipulate others, huh? What a dictator." Kangin smirked.


Dictator, no one loved the word. Especially when it's the leader of 12 guys, Leeteuk. "I have the ability to top!"


"Last night I heard you almost be fucked by Ryeowook when he's drunk," The younger argued still. "Ryeowook, hyung, of all people!"


The leader wanted to let out a 'who told you that?' but it would only make him weak and so he clamped his mouth tight.


Kangin took Leeteuk's silent as a mark of being defeated and so he unzipped Leeteuk's pants slowly--only to be slapped by Leeteuk and his current favorite line, "I can top!"

Kangin sighed, ruffled his own hair as he stood and plopped down his body onto the bed. Really, he didn't know how to argue with Leeteuk sometimes. He has a mind as hard as a rock.


"Well," He sighed, "How if we make the bet then--you have to show it to me."




"That, your 'I have the ability to top'."


Leeteuk smirked in glory, "Now? You admit that you’ve been defeated, huh?" He just reached Kangin's pants to suck him when suddenly Kangin shifted, kept his distance from Leeteuk.


"Not now, I'm not sure about your ability," He grinned when Leeteuk pouted, and continued again. "Do it with either Sungmin or Heechul."


Leeteuk's eyes widened, "Do what?"


"Do your I-have-the-ability-to-top thing."


Leeteuk gaped in shock, but not long after his lips quirked into a maniacally grin. It's okay. It's only Sungmin or Heechul. Everyone even knew that they were the sissiest members of Super Junior. "Alright. If I do it right, I can top you, right?"


Kangin grinned.


Meanwhile, he laughed inside his heart with a 'muahaha they're not as easy as you think, Teukie!'.






"Yes, hyung... Right there."




"A-ah! No moaning, hyung! The vibration--"


Leeteuk glanced above at Sungmin's ecstatic face and smirking when he saw Kangin watched them seriously across the room. Leeteuk's tongue played with Sungmin's half-erected cock, sucking gently on the tip, earning a moan from the youngest of the three.

He thought he had won their bet when suddenly Sungmin's cock went limp once more. He took a peek at Sungmin's face and it was not as ecstatic as before. It almost looked like... He's bored.


"Only licking and sucking, hyung?" Sungmin frowned, raising one of his eyebrows lazily. "More?"

Leeteuk was still blank, dumbfounded for Sungmin's sudden change, he could only stare at him in doubtness, bluntly let out a "Yes?"


Sungmin sighed. "Look, first... You did not hit the right spot to make me feel pleasure. Second, your tongue felt like it freezing so that it couldn’t move freely. Third, you did not include more foreplay than blowjob--so boring and stereotype. Last and least, you're lack of experience."


Leeteuk could feel that he had lost the bet when he heard Kangin's laugh and Sungmin's hand pulled him onto the bed.


The bunny boy said, "Here, hyung, I'll show you how it works--it gives you pleasure and it's not boring."


It was decorated with Sungmin's 'Let's-help-each-other' grin yet Leeteuk could feel his dignity go into pieces.




He should have lost since Sungmin’s incident, but the hard-minded Leeteuk accepted the next bet three days later: Heechul.


"Just admit it already," Kangin growled as he followed Leeteuk into Heechul's room, "You've lost, hyung. You’ve got too excited and lost in thought when Sungmin teased you three days ago and you couldn't think anything except of your 'put-it-in-me' line which you've learned for about 5 years and end up getting fucked because you’ve got TOO EXCITED."


Leeteuk glared, "Stop it. I wasn't ready that time. I never knew Sungmin is a slut who could succeed in both topping and bottoming."


Kangin grinned, "And what makes you think Heechul doesn't succeed in both topping and bottoming?"


No answer.


To be honest, Leeteuk was also afraid of Heechul since he was more aggressive than Sungmin; yet he saved his doubt for later as he opened the door to Heechul's room, revealing a messy Heechul with laptop on his lap.


Heechul looked at the two who made their way inside, "What the heck? Is today a national threesome day?"


Leeteuk sighed, "No. Actually... This time Kangin will just watch."


Heechul frowned. "So I'm the one who fuck you this time?"


"No. I fuck you."


"In your dream," Heechul stood up, tackled Leeteuk so the older fell on his stomach onto the bed.


"Ouch! Heechul, please let me top!" Leeteuk cried, but Heechul only grabbed his wrists harder.


"Heh, what the fuck. Have you ever kissed someone before? I bet you never." Heechul mocked him, releasing Leeteuk's wrists and took a look at Kangin who was already watching them, silently sat on the floor. I know there's something they planned...


"Kiss?" Leeteuk sat up right beside Heechul, "Of course. I used to have a lot of girlfriends."


"Oh yeah? Then kiss me," Heechul grinned.


And Leeteuk couldn't help but groaned in annoyance for Heechul's impudence.

He took a deep breath ("You look like you'd kiss a monster," Heechul mocked him) before spread Heechul's face with his hands, touching the skin softly and finally moved closer to touch Heechul's lips with his own. It was started with only a peck, but then Leeteuk teased the other's lips with his tongue to ask for entrance.


Unfortunately, Heechul wasn't the one who has an easy access for his own little cavern.

Heechul moved his head, now his hands grabbed Leeteuk's head and pulled his hair, and while the older was careless he opened his mouth only to suck Leeteuk's lips and tickling it with his tongue and it coincidentally slipped inside Leeteuk's mouth, making him moaned.


Leeteuk pushed Heechul's body until their mouth didn't connect each other anymore, and shaded the trail of saliva they've made.


"Done?" Kangin asked, "Just three seconds, Heechul? Kim Heechul the great kisser?"


"I want more actually," Heechul answered while his gaze still stuck on Leeteuk's terrified eyes. "But it seemed like he has noticed that he has been defeated when I poke his tongue with mine. He didn't even know how to slip inside my lips."


"It's because you shut your lips so tight!" Leeteuk cried, somehow defended himself.

"And a top should know many ways to make the bottoms open their lips, duh." Heechul smirked once more.


A second later Leeteuk really has to hide his shame when Kangin laughed like crazy with a "where's your I-have-the-ability-to-top, Teukie?"




At night, in Leeteuk's room.

"So you admit that you’ve lost, Teukie," Kangin nuzzled him on the bed, giving butterfly kisses allover his sweet-scented hair. "Let's have sex now."


"You know," Leeteuk sighed, "I never knew my dongsaengs are this wild."


"Yeah they are."


Leeteuk suddenly kept silent, a serious expression came into his face--and Kangin knew that that was a mark that something dangerous would creep into his leader's mind.


"That's right," A wide grin could be seen on Leeteuk's face. "My dongsaengs are THIS wild. They are too wild for being a bottom. Yet not all people are wild!"


Kangin felt like want to shoot himself when Leeteuk squealed, "Kangin!! This means I can top too!!"

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Tags: c: heechul, c: kangin, c: leeteuk, c: sungmin, f: super junior, g: humor, p: heechul/leeteuk, p: kangin/leeteuk, p: sungmin/leeteuk, r: nc-17
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