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Fanfic Master List

 So, I'm trying to make my own masterfic list. I still have only a few of fanfics here but I hope this list will become big :D

•All stories are listed from the oldest to the newest one.

•How to read:
(pairing) // (rating) // (genre) // warning
(summary OR teaser)

Last Update: August 13th, 2011

Super Junior
Heechul/Leeteuk // R // Humor // Nipple play
The first thing that caught Heechul's attention was the visible little fleshes called nipples beneath it. 

How to Kiss?
Donghae/Leeteuk // PG-13 // Humor, Brotherly Hae-Teuk // Kissing, Takes place about one year after Super Junior's debut
"Teach me how to kiss."

Teasing (sequel to Nipples)
Heechul/Leeteuk // R // Humor // Slightly graphic smut
Leeteuk wanted to have his own private time, but actually Heechul always knew where he was... or Leeteuk himself was just being careless.

When the Fact is Not as Good as a Fiction Part 1  Part 2
Heechul/Leeteuk, Kangin/Leeteuk // R // Angst, Drama // Future Military AU, Violence, Slightly graphic smut
Two weeks since Leeteuk & Heechul attend the military that every Korean men have to attend, while there are many seniors who tease them and Kangin being the captain.

Leeteuk + Heechul, Outfit, and Goodbye Stage (for sujukink)
Heechul/Leeteuk // NC-17 // Humor? // Fail!Smut, Orgasm denial
Heechul really likes Leeteuk's Bonamana outfit.

Never Meant to be (prequel to When the Fact is not as Good as a Fiction)
Kangin/Leeteuk // PG-13 // Romance, Angst // -
It only started as a mark for commercial activity such as fanservice, yet the feeling grew bigger in Kangin's case.

I Have the Ability to Top!
Kangin/Leeteuk, Sungmin/Leeteuk, Heechul/Leeteuk // NC-17 // Humor // Slightly graphic smut, kissing
Leeteuk wanted to top, but Kangin doubted his ability.

Another Cat
Heechul/Donghae // NC-17 // Fluff, Humor // Smut, Roleplaying Smut
How can you reject when there's a guy wearing a cat suit confesses to you!?

Siwon/Eeeteuk // R // Angst // Spanking, discipline
Siwon has a strong hand and Eeteuk's broken one of their rules.

Not So Classic Leader? That's Our Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun-centric // PG-13 // Crack // Language, Character abuse
Rule 1: Leaders are clumsy

You Look Like a Prodigy with Those Glasses
Siwon/Kyuhyun // NC-17 // General // Smut, AU
"Call me Sir..."
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